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The New Law underpins Bahrain’s efforts to come back in line with international standards, and it’s aligned Bahrain’s domestic law with many of the Arab and international labour treaties and conventions to that it’s a signer and that have acquire result over the last thirty six years (since the enactment of the previous labour law). Implementing rules are going to be brought into force among six months of the date of the new Law.

It is expected that the New Law’s pro-employee approach can facilitate to extend salaries and improve operating conditions, and customarily facilitate to form a higher investment surroundings in Bahrain by positioning the practices and edges for private-sector employment with Bahrain’s public sector. moreover, Bahrain has currently become the primary GCC country to scrap the support system, as below the new Law AN expatriate employee will switch jobs while not the necessity for his previous employer’s consent.

In addition to benefiting the operating surroundings within the personal sector, implementation of the New Law is anticipated to lead to quicker resolution of labour disputes that, below the previous law, typically took as long as 3 years to resolve through the courts.

The following could be a high-level review of a number of the a lot of important changes that are created below the New Law.

Annual Leave

Under the previous law, annual leave was provided at twenty one days for the primary 5 years of service and twenty eight days for each year thenceforth (Article 84). below the New Law, all staff square measure entitled to thirty operating days paid annual leave, at the speed of two-and-a-half days a month (Article 58).

Maternity Leave

Under the previous law, maternity leave was provided at forty five days paid leave with an additional fifteen days unpaid. The New Law provides for sixty days paid leave and an extra fifteen days unpaid (Article 32). any – and considerably – feminine staff with kids below six years elderly square measure currently entitled to go away while not get six months to worry for his or her kid. This leave is also taken on 3 separate occasions (i.e., for 3 children) throughout AN employee’s service. Some have argued that this provision might backfire on feminine staff, creating several employers a lot of reluctant to require them on, specifically if they need young kids.

Sick Leave title

The New Law introduces a rise in leave of absence from forty five days each year (15 days at full pay, fifteen days at [*fr1] pay and fifteen days while not pay) to fifty five days (15 days at full pay, twenty days at [*fr1] pay and twenty days while not pay) (Article sixty five ).

Delays in pay Payments

Employers can currently be vulnerable to compensate staff for any delays in payment of monthly salaries at the speed of 6 June 1944 each year for wages that square measure delayed for 6 months or less. This rate is redoubled at the speed of a hundred and twenty fifth for every month’s delay thenceforth up to a most of twelve-tone music each year.

Summary Dismissal

Under the previous law, staff United Nations agency were summarily laid-off weren’t entitled to say indemnity (Article 113). However, below the New Law, AN worker United Nations agency is terminated for cause, though not entitled to note or compensation, is all the same entitled to departure indemnity in accordance with the law (Article 107).

Labour Disputes

The procedure for subsiding labour disputes has modified. A Labour Case Administration workplace (the Labour Office) has been created as an endeavor at guaranteeing, where doable, loveable settlements. All labour-related claims should 1st be filed with the Labour workplace and shall be detected before a labour administration decide (Articles 112, 113). The decide doesn’t render any choices per se; rather, he prepares a report which incorporates the facts of the dispute, the parties’ various submissions, the proof and his own opinion. when hearing either side and making ready his report, the decide can then propose AN loveable settlement between the parties. within the event that the parties don’t reach AN loveable settlement, the labour case administration decide shall refer the touch the High Civil Court with a report. The state supreme court can hear labour disputes on AN pressing basis and should pass on its call among thirty days of the date of the primary hearing (Article 133). The High Court’s call is final, and also the parties might solely attractiveness to the Court of Cassation on matters of law. Previously, the parties had a right of attractiveness to the Court of attractiveness. it’s envisaged that this whole method won’t take any further than 3 to four months to complete.


Employers can face harder penalties if they fail to befits the New Law; particularly, imprisonment of up to a few months and/or fines of BD500 to BD1,000 in sure cases for failure to implement adequate health and safety policies (Article 192). The social control is doubled for a repeat offence (Article 194).

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