Jobs In Qatar

Qatar could seem to be alittle country by size, but, in industrial terms it’s a rising large. The Labour Law in Qatar offers a body of laws outlining legal rights, restrictions and obligations of staff and employers. Potential job seekers in Qatar have to be compelled to bear in mind that in line with Qatari Labour Law, AN worker can ought to acquire employer’s permission (exit permit) to go away Qatar.


Priority engaged is given to Qatari nationals. Qatari nationals seeking jobs will register with the Labour Ministry for potential job placements. However, employers seeking to rent non-Qataris from abroad can ought to initial acquire permission from the govt. The new Labour Law of Qatar (2004) aims to balance the rights of leader and worker, providing hiring priority to Qatari nationals, and specifying many obligations for corporations concerning their staff.


Foreigners area unit allowed to figure underneath support in Qatar. AN worker WHO is underneath support isn’t eligible to figure for one more leader, while not special permission. Transfer of support could also be granted to AN worker as long as each original leader and potential new leader comply with the amendment.
Also, AN worker underneath support isn’t allowed to go away the country, while not No Objection Certificate from the leader. while not the discharge letter from the leader, the worker are going to be prohibited for 2 years from coming into Qatar. Sponsors don’t seem to be allowed to retain passports of their staff aside from any visa formalities. Sponsored staff will herald their spouses and youngsters to Qatar underneath personal support.

Employment Contract.

The employment contract ought to be in writing, and will embody recognition of construct of end-of-service edges, limitations on operating hours, and such details.
The Arabic version of contract governs employment and business arrangements as per Qatari law. before sign language a contract, staff ought to make sure that the contract is translated to English, thus on totally perceive the terms and limitations of the contract.
No expatriate ought to add Qatar or build a transaction, while not having seen or understood the complete written contract, as verbal assurances don’t seem to be binding in Qatar.
The written contract ought to be documented by the Department and can tend as 3 copies, with either party keeping a duplicate, and therefore the third to be submitted at the department.
An contract ought to primarily embody the name of leader, his work place, name, qualifications, status, profession and residence, date of conclusion of contract, nature and sort of labor, date of commencement of labor, period of contract, united wages, methodology of payment and end-of-service edges.

Working hours.

The maximum operating hours in a company shall be forty four hours every week at the speed of eight hours daily, except throughout the month of Ramadan, once the utmost operating hours are going to be thirty six hours a month. staff area unit entitled to a minimum of sooner or later of rest every week, Friday being the common vacation for all staff. No worker ought to be created to figure 2 or a lot of Fridays during a row.
At times, the worker could also be needed to figure further hours (not olympian 10 hours). however this could not be done, unless, the extra work is critical for interference of gross loss to the corporate. In such cases, the leader can ought to pay to the worker for added operating hours at a rate not but basic wage, and not but twenty fifth thence. For operating between 9pm to 6am, the employee should be paid basic wage plus not less than 50% thereof, except in the case of shift workers.

Expiry / termination of the contract.

The expiry of a contract is dependent on the nature of work. For instance, if the subject-matter of the contract is based on completion of a certain task, the contract may expire on completing the task.
On the other hand, if the work is vulnerable of being revived and if the work is being continuing as per the contract, the contract are going to be thought-about as having been revived for similar periods, as per the agreement of 2 parties.
The employee will terminate the contract before its termination date, if the contract is of a precise period, while not giving reason for termination of contract. However, if the contract is of AN indefinite period, the worker will acquire finish of service gratuity, if the leader commits a breach of his obligations, underneath the contract, or if the leader commits a physical assault or immoral influence the worker, or if the leader doesn’t adhere to the terms and conditions of the work, or if the work endangers the security of the employee and therefore the leader doesn’t initiate any live to get rid of it.
The leader, on termination of the contract, can ought to give the worker with a service certificate, freed from charge, indicating his date of employment, form of work he performs, and therefore the quantity of wage he was receiving. The leader ought to conjointly come to the worker the documents and certificates that the staff undergo the leader.
On termination of the service of the worker, the leader is susceptible to bear his price of come to his home country, or to anywhere approved between the parties. The leader shall complete the proceedings of returning the expatriate worker inside a amount of less than fortnight from termination date of the contract.
However, if {the worker|the worker} joins another employee before his departure from the State, then it’s the duty of the new leader connected the expense of the worker.

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