Student visa for France

France Study Visa Guide.

After registering with Campus France, students square measure needed to use for a long-stay student visa (90+ days). Individual French diplomatic buildings operate autonomously with relation to visa applications and necessities could vary from diplomatic building to consulate or amendment hastily. Therefore, students square measure suggested to verify the quantity of related documents presently needed by the diplomatic building in question at the time they request Associate in Nursing form, and to take care to fastidiously complete the shape with precise dates of arrival in and departure from France.
It will take roughly 2-5 weeks once the appointment at the diplomatic building for yank students to receive their visas. For international students, it might take up to 3 months thus please browse all of the data on the diplomatic building web site terribly fastidiously. **This means students should schedule their diplomatic building appointments for about five weeks (more than five weeks for international students) before their departure date. Otherwise, students risk not having the ability to depart on time for the program.

Completing the Visa method Once in France.

Once students have their visas and arrive in France, some can ought to submit the suitable documents to the OFII (Office français DE l’ Immigration et DE l’Intégration/French workplace of Immigration and Integration). Students square measure accountable for finishing the method once they arrive in France so as to abide by the French laws. Students UN agency don’t complete this method risk being inactive and deported. IAU helps students by planning the below medical visits as a bunch to facilitate transport. Students UN agency miss these regular dates square measure needed to rearrange their own transportation.

According to the Chicago French diplomatic building web site the OFII type ought to be crammed out by the subsequent students:
all students UN agency are staying in France for over six months (180 days). this is applicable to any or all IAU year students.
students UN agency are staying in Frenc for a amount of your time between four and 6 months (for a complete length of 91-180 days) UN agency would like to be allowed to figure in France whereas finding out.
students UN agency are staying in France for a amount of your time between four and 6 months (for a complete length of 91-180 days) UN agency would like to be able to extend their visa once they’re in France.

Students can ought to give the OFII with:
  • The completed residence type they submitted for his or her visa application within the U.S.
  • A copy of the ID pages of their passport and of the immigration stamp received at the border
  • Although this can be not needed, it’s going to be an honest plan to own a replica of their credentials.

Then, they’ll ought to seem for Associate in Nursing interview and checkup with:

  • Their passport
  • A proof of accommodation/residence in France.
  • One ID image (Students ought to have this taken in France. the price is roughly 5€)
  • Means of payment for the process fees of 55€
  • When the file is complete, a registration stamp are value-added to their passport and it’ll enable them to remain and study for up to 1 full year.
    Non-US voters

Students with passports to the subsequent countries aren’t needed to use for a long-stay student visa: Schweiz, Andorra, Vatican, San Marino, Monaco, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, European country, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, nice Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, European nation, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Kingdom of The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Espana and Scandinavian country.

For voters of the other country, visit your country’s French diplomatic building web site to work out the visa necessities. The visa method for non-US voters could take for much longer than that people voters thus please begin the applying method as shortly as attainable otherwise you risk not receiving your visa on time. If you wish a visa, please contact the U.S. workplace forthwith for help.

In addition, before arrival in France, non-US voters should check visa necessities of states to be visited, and procure visas necessary for travel inside Europe.

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