United Kingdom Visa

Requirement For UK Visa.

To enter the uk, a passport valid for the period of keep is needed by all nationals mentioned within the chart on top of, except (1) EU nationals holding a sound national ID card.

EU nationals area unit solely needed to provide proof of their EU status and identity so as to be admitted to any EU member state. This proof will take the shape of a sound national passport or national card. Either is appropriate. Possession of a ticket, any length of validity on their document, or decent funds for the length of their planned visit mustn’t be obligatory.

A passport isn’t needed for travel between nice United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern {ireland|kingdom} and Ireland (an official type of identification, like a driving license, is required), Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the islet of Man.

Passengers transiting the united kingdom destined for the Republic of eire area unit suggested to carry come tickets to avoid delay and interrogation.

Visas for the uk aren’t needed by nationals mentioned within the chart on top of for stays of up to 6 months.

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Visa note:
Nationals not requiring visas area unit suggested to be in possession of either a ticket or, if inward on a unidirectional price tag, proof of decent funds to accommodate and support themselves for the period of keep.

Nationals not mentioned within the chart area unit suggested to contact the embassy/high commission to examine visa needs for the uk.

Types and cost:
General traveller visa: £85; semipermanent visit visa: £324 (one or 2 years); £588 (five years); £737 (up to ten years).

General traveller visa: six months; semipermanent visit visa: one, two, 5 or ten years, with a most keep of six months per visit.
Application to:
Consulate (or diplomatist section at embassy/high commission). In some countries, you’ll be able to apply on-line. See the united kingdom government web site for details (www.gov.uk/visas-immigration).

Schengen visas:
The uk isn’t a part of the Schengen space.

Working days:
The length of your time taken to method visa applications depends on the status of the human and also the country wherever you are applying. Generally, you’ll be able to expect a call inside 3 weeks.

Sufficient funds:
If you are doing need a visa to go to the uk, you’ll be asked to supply info regarding your finances.

Extension of stay:
If you’re at first given permission to enter for 3 months, you’ll apply to kingdom Visas and Immigration to increase your keep to 6 months from your original date of entry. The fee to increase your visa is £649 is you apply by post (decision created in eight weeks) or £1,049 if you apply personally (decision sometimes created on identical day).

The maximum total time you’ll be able to keep within the uk is six months.

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