USA Visa Guide

USA Visa Guide .

Here is our list of five stuff you ought to understand a way to get a piece visa for the United States of America.
1. you’ll would like a United States of America leader to sponsor you.
In order to even begin the work visa method, most work visas need a United States of America leader to sponsor the work visa application. That means, so as to urge AN H-1B, L visa, or AN O visa, you would like to 1st apply for employment and be offered a foothold by a United States of America leader before beginning the visa method.

2. Most United States of America work visas area unit meant for higher adept positions
By in giant, United States of America work visas area unit meant for positions that need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, multiple years of expertise, or specialised skills and information. These positions area unit sometimes in fields associated with science, technology, engineering, or math.

If you are doing not meet those necessities obtaining an extended term work visa might not be AN choice. Visas like H-2A and H-2B area unit assigned for seasonal, temporary, lower ability, and agricultural positions. However, these visas don’t seem to be permanent nor approved for future employment.

3. The leader can got to interview different U.S. voters and legal permanent resident candidates
Since, the federal government provides preference to voters and residents, the leader should interview different candidates before filing AN application for an overseas national. If the leader finds another applier that’s equally qualified, then the position should be offered thereto applier.

That means simply having a disciple or friend within the u. s. that desires to rent you isn’t enough. Not solely can you’ve got to prove that you simply have the information and skills for the position, however the leader can got to prove that there’s nobody else that may fill that position.

4. trust 1st applying for AN F-1 or J-1 visa
If you presently don’t meet the wants for an extended term United States of America work visa, you will need to trust about to faculty within the United States of America or collaborating in AN exchange program.

If you’re curious about attending a school or university within the u. s., you’ll apply for a F-1 student visa. though it’s a tough visa to get, it will assist you get the desired skills for a U.S. work visa. so as to get this kind of visa, you want to 1st apply and gain admission to a United States of America university course of study.

5. Get AN lawyer
If you would like to urge a piece visa for the United States of America, make certain that you simply area unit work with a honorable lawyer. Applying for a United States of America work visa could be a difficult method.

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